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Pieralisi España SL


Currently, Pieralisi Group is an integrated system of industry, services, finance and market. It owns commercial production facilities in Italy and abroad – a branched network of subsidiaries and service centres and spare parts, able to respond quickly and efficiently to the different needs and requirements. The group innovative capacity is crucial to its activity.


Pieralisi offers its customers a vertically integrated system ranging from advice on choosing the installation to the evaluation of all technical, economic and environmental variables.

Pieralisi Group has organised its structure in two divisions, Olive Oil and Separation Solutions, devoting resources and specific technologies from the different application areas of centrifugal force.

Pieralisi España SL


Ctra. Madrid km 332,6





Teléfono+34 953 284023-280866

Fax +34 953 281715

E-Mail:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Contact Person

Antonio Martell

Pieralisi Representative in Andalusia


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