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From Viluber Global Consulting in Spain and our subsidiary company Viluber International LLC. in Miami, United States, we have created our counselling services for Extra Virgin Olive Oil industry, consisting of direct advice to investors, shareholders or owners of Olive oil Integral Projects, new or already existing, in different areas of the production process, branding, marketing, commercialisation and oleotourism.

We are specialist in developing business intelligence plans for companies, by implementing business strategies with the most advanced computer tools, which allow to define commercialisation objectives for each one of the markets, with a technological monitoring which provides the necessary data every moment, in order to manage the business situation, with regard to the planning and monitoring of commercial actions (visits to existing clients, new customers opening,...) and the control of the sales data per customers, markets, products, commercial margins,...



Office in Europe, Asia and Africa:
Paseo de Almería, 1 1-4
Almería - España

Office in America
1401 West Flagler St.
Miami - Florida 33135
Estados Unidos


Telephone: 667552080
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Contact Person

Rafael Úbeda Ramal
Managing Shareholder and CEO

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